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Rush Courier, LLC in Tallahassee, FL offers a variety of professional courier and low-cost errand services that can help you or your business overcome daily obstacles.

Our dedicated specialty courier service will work with you to decrease your workload.

We can also help you meet quick delivery deadlines, provide medication pickup, transport court documents, and so much more.

Our Difference

We specialize in getting your same-day deliveries where they need to go quickly and effectively. Our team will always be punctual, professional, and dependable.

Additionally, you can save thousands of dollars per year with our professional courier services. We have the most competitive rates in the industry and will beat our competitors’ prices.

Low- Cost Errand Service

Allow us be your low-cost errand service. We will cut a huge amount of wasted time and aggravation from your life. You will have more time to be with the family and get more work done and have the ability to kick back and relax.

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